Hat Records

It all started in 1998 when I invested in a CD Duplicating machine and bought myself an 8-track Mini-Disc Recording Desk. As a musician I already had musical equipment like Mics, Stands, leads etc. so it was a new challenge to take all this equipment out in the field so to speak and visit anyone who wanted to be recorded and make them a CD.

My first efforts were very labour intensive and usually involved recording Sussex Folk Clubs with many different members taking part. The Six Bells Folk and Blues Club at Chiddingly was the first…The White Horse at Bodle Street Green was the second…thereafter came The Norfolk Arms Folk Club, Steyning, The Wellington Folk Club at Seaford and finally Songswappers, The Horsham Folk Club. These recordings are amazing…a lovely memory of many people who performed in them.

The CDs that I created were designed with a myriad of photos I took and I had great pride in individually designing, printing and cutting each CD on gloss and matt paper using my PC and CD Duplicator at home.

Following my Folk Club recordings Hat Records became well-known and many different local people (solo singers, duos, trios, bands etc.) approached me about making them a CD…my USP was that I was willing to produce small quantities of CDs for them at affordable prices…I have many lovely testimonials from them too…and so my small cottage industry grew and 56 CDs are my legacy.

My early CDs were mastered at Loophole Studios, Brighton…and many thanks to my friend Simon who did that…from 2002 I acquired a new PC for making my own music production, paid several people to teach me how to use Cubase and Wavelab to edit my own recordings at home and thereafter spent much time being really creative and doing more complicated productions which saved me time and gave me more satisfaction being able to exactly tailor-make CDs to a specific sound.

My production sounds were really appreciated by many of my clients and I am proud to have that as a legacy for Hat Records.

To this day I still have all my CD ‘Masters’ so if any of you want a copy of any Hat Records CD please get in touch through the ‘Contact’ details on this website.