My Work

My work entails entertaining the elderly in Residential and Nursing Homes, mainly in Sussex. This is my regular job which I have been doing since January 1996, and continue to do. My job title is ‘Music Therapist’.

I sing songs and play acoustic guitars (and keyboard at Christmas time).

My repertoire is vast…I sing lots of ‘golden oldies’, songs from the two wars etc. I sing songs from musicals, also loads of 50s and 60s stuff and I have many odd songs from odd places to add to all of that. Most importantly it is my job to stimulate my audiences with song and chat and the odd prose and poetry and monologues. I try to research all my songs so I can explain them and this, I know, is well appreciated.

I have such an enjoyable connection with my audiences and I know many of them by name…some I have known for years! I am indeed a happy man in my work.

I do not have any children of my own so in a funny sort of way I regard all my elderly audiences as my children! There are a lot of them so I am a lucky so and so.