THE HAT BAND…my duo formed for entertaining in Denmark.

When Ivor left our musical duo Two and a Hat we had already established a firm link in Denmark for entertaining holiday audiences on the west coast of Jutland during the late Summer months.

I was fortunate in finding a suitable replacement in James and he and I formed THE HAT BAND in 2000 which has been performing in Denmark every year ever since.

James left me for family reasons in 2012 and my old chum Bing joined the duo and THE HAT BAND continues to perform to Holiday audiences in Denmark on the island of Rømø and at The Victoria Cafe in Tønder during The Tønder Festival every late August.

We play a vast array of songs…we are both Troubadours…our instruments are guitars, Accordion, Keyboard, Flute and Harmonicas. Our songs are both well-known and originals…a nice mixture.
We can play long sets and keep our repertoire varied and mixed. We both sing and harmonise well too…and, most importantly we really enjoy entertaining!


Tim and James….gigging at Victoria Cafe Tønder
Pre tour publicity pic…The Hat Band…Tim and James
Note our most important piece of equipment…the white fan to my right!
The Hat Band in full swing at The Victoria Cafe in Tønder
James chilling on the old cobbled streets of Tønder
Cheers at The English Pub in Blaavand, Denmark
Tim and James play in Cafe Therese, Rømø
The Hat Band thumbs up
Playing pool at Angelika and Hans’ chalet on Rømø
Playing the big campsite at Blaavand.
Off to Denmark on the ferry from Harwich
James doing his Elvis impersonation!
The Hat Band playing at The Chalet on Rømø
Playing at Quedens Cafe in Ribe
Rømø beach
James impersonating Postman Pat!
Me injoying the fresh air on Rømø strand
James playing bass guitar
Playing The English Pub in Blaavand
James doing the announcements
Tim and street busker Dave at Tønder
Tim and Bing at The Wellington Pub in Shoreham, Sussex.
Tim and Bing…THE HAT BAND publicity photo
Busking outside Quedens Cafe, Ribe, Denmark
THE HAT BAND start of tour pic.
Bing on keyboard at The Victoria Cafe.
Tim and Bing with our hosts Helmuth and Nenne
at The Country Cafe, Lokolk, Rømø, Denmark…August 2017
The Hat Band playing outside The Country Cafe, Lakolk…August 2017
Tim and Bing entertain at Victoria Cafe, Tønder…Aug 2017
Sampling German Pilsner in Bremen.
Tim with Therese (Owner of The Hotel K on Rømø)…August 2017
Tim with our Victoria Cafe host Torben…August 2017
Tim and Bing…The Hat Band…August 2018
Tim with new LAG Guitar…August 2017
Bing with his one essential…A Pot of Tea!
Aarhus, Denmark…August 2018
Therapy…Bing flying my kite on Sonderstrand Beach, Rømø … Aug 2018
Bing and our good mate Knud…Skøl
Breakfast with Ulrike, near Hamburg, Germany
Tim and Bing with our friends in Germany.
Good friend Anette in Aarhus, Denmark…August 2018
Tim and Bing (The Hat Band) play ‘live’ on Tønder Radio…August 2018
With our good friend Lise at Quedens Cafe, Ribe, Denmark…August 2018
The Hat Band at Gouda, Holland…Sept 2018
Tim with good friend Ulrike…Sept 2018
Tim with good chum Ralf at The Victoria Cafe…Aug 2018
The Hat Band with Torben…August 2018