The Hat Band

THE HAT BAND…My duo which plays and entertains over in Denmark and Germany.

Many years ago I was in a duo called The Ferrets…That was me and my chum Ivor. We later changed our name to Two and a Hat. In 1991 I answered an advert in Folk Roots Magazine for ‘Folk Musicians wanted for Denmark’ by sending a cassette we had made to an unknown address in Denmark…just a P O Box number.

I was delighted to get a telephone call from a woman who ran a large hotel and camping complex on a small Danish holiday Island and she liked our cassette enough to offer us a week’s entertainment work. That was history because we then continued, year by year, to be asked back over to Denmark in August to entertain.

When Ivor and I split up for family reasons in 1999 I formed The Hat Band with my new musical partner James and for 12 years we returned to Denmark to play during August…we sold our CDs: Party In Denmark, Whisky in the Jar, Return to Denmark and The Hat Band over about 7 years and ended up playing at The Victoria Café in Tonder during The  famous Tonder Folk Festival for 4 days in late August. James left the band (again for family reasons) in 2012 and I was joined by Bing who has been my musical partner in The Hat Band ever since.

We have a vast repertoire of songs, both being Troubadours, and we play a good array of instruments between us which enables The Hat Band to vary our entertainment sound quite considerably.

Over in Denmark we are asked to play long gigs…sometimes up to seven hours! We manage this with a variety of popular songs…folk, blues, pop and rock and some of our own too.

Over the years I have built up a vast archive of pictures of The Hat Band’s exploits and all the many lovely friends we have made along the way. It is a great pleasure to revisit Denmark each year and these days (without the direct Ferry travel to Esbjerg, the port in Denmark) I have to drive my car, with all our equipment onboard, up through Holland and Germany, where we stay with our friend Ulrike and her family, who live near Hamburg, and we give them a free gig for putting us up each way, until we reach Denmark.

I am selecting a few photographs from many to illustrate many happy memories with The Hat Band.